Thursday, September 06, 2007


Sayid Amar Al Hakim Confirms It Is Necessary To Implement Article 140 To Guarantee All Iraqi Groups’ Rights

(Badr Newspaper) - 5 SEP - Sayid Amar Al Hakim has confirmed Iraq’s need for (political) work which: “has a technical context” and avoids political disagreements. The day before yesterday, Amar Al Hakim received members of the Article 140 Implementation Committee. They were received in his father’s Sayid Abd Al Aziz Al Hakim’s office. Sayid Abd Al Aziz Al Hakim is the leader of both: SICI and the Shiite Alliance list.
The members of the Article 140 Implementation Committee are: Raid Fahmi (Jahid) – Iraq’s Minister of Science and Technology, Nermin Othman – Minister of the Environment, Dr. Hanan Al Fatlawi – a senior advisor to the Prime Minister and Mr. Sallar – the Article 140 Committee’s secretary.
During this meeting, Sayid Amar Al Hakim confirmed that it is necessary to implement all of the items included in Article 140 (of Iraq’s Constitution) in order to guarantee that all Iraqi groups rights (are protected) and to achieve a just (fair) resolution (to [prior] ethnic and sectarian discrimination). The Committee’s members said they are all working together, in cooperation, in order to complete this important mission. They also confirmed that they have agreed [that it is important] to implement all the items of Article 140.
During the meeting, they discussed many subjects related to Iraq’s provinces’ borders… and returning (reinstating) the boundaries to the “old borders”.

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