Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Shrines’ Doors Will Reopen Friday

(Al Mutamar Newspaper) - 3 SEP - On Sunday, an IP source told a reporter from the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that part of part of the curfew in Karbala has been lifted so that the authorities can provide services to the citizens. The curfew had been enforced since Tuesday after clashes during the Shaabaniya visit. The source added that the vehicle curfew inside the city will continue until the raids and searches for wanted people are completed. The citizens are forbidden to be between the two shrines until all of the rubble is removed.
MG Othman Al Ghanimi, the Commander of the Eighth Division and of Karbala Operations, said to the NINA reporter that the doors of the shrines will reopen for visitors on Friday after the signs of destruction are removed which was caused by the gunmen around the shrines. Al Ghanimi also said that Karbala now has a stable security situation and the police forces are now working on cleaning themselves of bad members. The recent operation in the Sada area was proof that the police are changing and working in a new way, and this will show that they are only loyal to the country. Al Ghanami emphasized that Karbala will be safe and the violence will not occur again.
On the same topic, BG Raaid Shakr, the Karbala IP Chief, told a NINA reporter that the interrogation of the officers and IP members continue and anyone who was involved will be punished and fired. He added, “We are looking forward to building a strong and professional IP organization.”

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