Thursday, October 04, 2007


Iraq Defence, Security and Communications Summit announced

(AME Info FZ LLC) - The Iraq Development Program (IDP) is proud to announce confirmation of the Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Summit for 16-17 February 2008, Dubai, UAE. H.E. Shirwan Al-Waili, Iraqi Minister for National Security Affairs has confirmed he will lead the government delegation that will also include ministers, deputies and director generals from: the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Science & Technology, the KRG Ministry of Interior and the KRG Ministry for Peshmerga Affairs
The two-day summit will include detailed presentations of all ministerial requirements plus dedicated roundtables to allow for private one-to-one meetings between delegates and ministers. Quite simply, the summit will allow for best in breed contractors to meet over 40 decision-making government officials under one roof, providing incomparable reach and return on investment. A substantial part of the summit will be devoted to US Department of Defence procurement for Iraq and accordingly will include the most appropriate and senior officials.
IDP now has an exemplary track record in organising high-level meetings-based events in partnership with the Iraqi Government. The first Iraq Security was held in September 2006 and led to outstanding testimonials from companies who achieved tangible commercial returns:
'The Summit allowed us to personally meet various Government and Military Officials in one venue which would have taken countless hours had we not attended. We have been pleased with the responses so far and we are looking forward to the next Summit,' according to Streit Manufacturing.
"It allows all delegates to understand and to be understood, as well as offer the foundation for lasting and trusted friendships and partnerships," said Raytheon.

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