Monday, October 08, 2007


Footballer sworn in by Iraqi Accordance Front

(Gulf News) - One of Iraq's most famous football stars was sworn in on Monday to replace a lawmaker-turned-insurgent in the largest Sunni parliament block. Ahmed Radhi, the only Iraqi player to have scored in World Cup finals, officially took the Sunni Accordance Front seat vacated by Abdul Nasser Al Janabi. Janabi had declared in June that he would leave politics to join the insurgency in Iraq.
The bloc had nominated 43-year-old Radhi last week, to "support the youth and sport in Iraq," said the Sunni bloc's spokesman, Muhanad Al Issawi. "I will join the Sport and Youth Committee in parliament, beside my political activities as lawmaker," Radhi said after his swearing-in.
Radhi was Iraq's most famous forward in mid 1980s and scored the only World Cup goal for Iraq ever in a game against Belgium in the 1986 tournament in Mexico. After the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussain, he became the manager of Al Zawra soccer club in the Iraqi premiere league. He left the job and moved to Amman, Jordan, after receiving threats and after the kidnapping of Ahmed Al Hijiya, the chairman of Iraq's National Olympic committee.

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