Friday, October 05, 2007


Parliament sacks MP for joining resistance

(Voices of Iraq) - Iraqi parliament on Thursday decided after marathonic debate to sack the Sunni Iraqi Accordance Front legislator Abdul Nasser al-Jenabi for he "joined the armed resistance and expressed regret to take part in the political process." The House of the Representatives decided in Thursday's session to sack MP Abdul Nasser al-Jenabi, and ordered that the Sunni Accordance Front, to which Janabi was a member, shall nominate a replacement.
Earlier, Accordance Front demanded to agree to consider al-Janabi as resigned, leading parliament's session to witness a controversy on the legal position of MP Abdul Nasser al-Jenabi following his decision to join the armed resistance. "Member of Parliament Abdul Nasser al-Jenabi did not present his resignation, and his bloc presented a demand, in which it urged to consider him as a resigned member. This demand is illegal and parliament cannot approve it," Sheikh Khaled al-Attiya said.
"Al-Jenabi had to present an official demand with his resignation," he explained. Following a lengthy and hot debate over al-Jenabi's statement and his legal position as a legislator, al-Attiya said, "it seems there are differences on that subject, but al-Jenabi told media that he regretted having participated in the political process and he will join armed resistance, but did not present an official demand to resign from parliament."
The first deputy speaker decided to postpone the whole matter, but the Shiite Unified Iraqi Coalition members rejected to put off the issue and pressed to take a decision against al-Jenabi. The session chairman then decided to sack al-Jenabi and asked IAF to nominate a replacement. Al-Jenabi is a member of the National Dialogue Council, one of the three Sunni components that form the IAF. The council is headed by Sheikh Khalaf al-Eliyan.

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