Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Electricity Summit rescheduled

(BI-ME) - Following consultation with senior officials from the Iraqi government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the US Embassy Baghdad the organisers have said it is necessary to reschedule the Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Electricity Summit for 2-4 September 2007. This has come about as a result of ongoing negotiations concerning Iraq’s proposed new hydrocarbon law.
Jeff Ando, Communications Director, Iraq Development Program, said: "Expectations were that the hydrocarbon law would be in place for the scheduled date, but it has now become clear that the law will take a few more weeks to be passed and that the interests of attending companies and the Iraq Development Program will be best served by ensuring that the event has the strongest and most unified Iraqi support."
Accordingly, it is agreed that 2-4 September will be the best time for the international energy community to gather and discuss hydrocarbon activities within Iraq, the organisers said. The success of this event will come from companies such as Business Intelligence-Middle East attending and the strong delegation the Iraqi government will send once the hydrocarbon law has been passed.
The meeting will still be taking place at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, which remains an outstanding venue for some historic announcements and discussions about the future of energy in Iraq. The Iraq Development Program apologises for any inconvenience caused and maintains its commitment to serve the best interests of its delegates in making sure it delivers the strongest possible event for Iraq’s energy sector.

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