Friday, May 18, 2007


Iraqis Are Angry…No Power, No Water, No Fuel

(Al Mashriq Newspaper AR.) - 17 MAY - Iraqis’ “anger level” has reached the top (maximum level)…due to the three-headed crises of: water, power, and fuel. Iraqis were already tired of the security situation years ago. And NOW, the Iraqis are suffering from: an entire absence of electricity… AND a lack of water… AND a lack of fuel!
Iraqis told this Newspaper that the government has failed to find solutions to these crises. And (some more) Iraqis said: the (government) officials have electricity AND water AND fuel… while the (normal) Iraqi people suffer!
This Newspaper called Oil Ministry spokesman Assim Jihad and asked him about the current fuel crisis. Jihad said, “Some (security) checkpoints have not allowed fuel tankers to pass through…some do; but, others do not.” He revealed that the Oil Ministry intends to reopen some of Iraq’s “closed” fuel stations. He further stated: the Oil Ministry has contacted the MOI and MOD about allowing fuel tankers to pass through checkpoints.
Regarding the water problem, an official at Baghdad’s Municipality (government) said, “Due to the electrical power outages, we are unable to operate the eastern Tigris River water project.” He (the Municipality official) stressed that Baghdad’s problem is not (due to a shortage of) water; but, rather it is due to the power outages (electricity drives the water pumps and machinery).
In a related issue, [Note: the following statement is the journalist’s SARCASM:] the Ministry of Electricity delivered welcome news to Iraqis yesterday…saying that an entire power black-out occurred yesterday in southern “Karkh” (Baghdad west of the Tigris).
A source at the Electricity Ministry said that a high voltage power transmission line was “exposed to sabotage” (damaged by an attack). As a [Sarcastic] reminder (from the author)…if this electrical power line was not sabotaged (damaged)… then the Iraqi people could have had one or two hours worth of electricity!!! (per day…referring to the “normal” amount for many areas in Baghdad lately).

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