Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Islamic State of Iraq claims assassination attempt on Chalabi

(SITE) - The Islamic State of Iraq, in five of their several communiqués issued between Monday, May 21, 2007, and yesterday, claims the attempted assassination of former deputy Iraqi Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi, three operations allegedly resulting in a total number of thirty-nine American casualties, and a “bold and strange” operation executed by the Mujahideen in al-Mosul. Also, al-Furqan Foundation for Media Production, the official distributor and producer of multimedia for the Islamic State, issued a one-minute video depicting the detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED) on an American Hummer in the area of Abu Thar al-Ghafari in Diyala.
The assassination attempt on Chalabi by the Islamic State of Iraq occurred yesterday and involved the firing of mortar shells at an area in Bahrez, in Diyala, followed by gunfire. Attacks listed by the group against American forces took place in Baquba and al-Tahrir in Diyala and al-Ameriya in Baghdad, between May 16-17 and May 19. In one of these attack, an IED containing a “very explosive” substance was detonated on the soldiers in Baghdad, striking a vehicle and “inside were the cross worshippers who were fuel for this burning fire”.
In al-Mosul on Wednesday, May 16, the “strange” operation which the Islamic State claims involved the Mujahideen dressing as male nurses and infiltrating a hospital to free six detainees from their group, two of which were to be executed by the enemy. According to the message the Mujahideen killed the guards watching their members and escaped the hospital quickly without any person noticing.

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