Friday, May 25, 2007


Kurdish delegation heads to Baghdad for meeting on draft oil law

(Kurdish Globe) - KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, accompanied by the ministers of finance and natural resources, headed the delegation to Baghdad, intent on settling arguments regarding the Iraq draft oil law. Iraqi and Kurdish lawmakers have not been able to settle disputes on how to distribute the country's oil wealth or the KRG's right to sign contracts with international oil and gas firms.
Barzani who met with Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki Monday and described the environment as "friendly", expressed Erbil's support for the Maliki administration. He also announced the formation of a common committee to settle the disputes. General Jabar Yawar, spokesman of the Kurdistan forces who accompanies PM Barzani, said the meeting was "positive" but refrained from disclosing any details. Other constitutional issues up for discussion include possible amendments to the Iraqi constitution as well as the implementation of Article 140 in Kirkuk and other disputed areas.
The discussion comes at a time when the Norwegian company DNO announced its first-quarter activities of 2007. DNO began exploring for oil in Tawke, near Zakho town, nearly two years ago under an agreement with the KRG. The company stated on May 16 that Tawke oil is currently ready to be transported to market and that two new drilling projects completed at Tawke now bring the total to five.
"We are pleased with our achievements of developing Tawke into a field ready to produce," said Helge Eide, DNO managing director. "This is also testament to the commitment of the KRG and DNO to develop long-term and sustainable values from their joint projects."

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