Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Speak Freely; Official’s Son Kidnapped To Guarantee Secret Negotiations Between Government And Baathists

Security, Politics
(Al Bayyna Newspaper) - 28 MAY - As a former [Iraqi] Air Officer Legal Officer moved toward the Green Zone for discussions with high level officials from the Iraqi government, an MOI official’s son was kidnapped. The media has not focused on this kidnapping because the negotiations were extremely sensitive. Later, sources revealed that the former officer’s group kidnapped the MOI official’s son in order to guarantee that the former officer was not arrested or assassinated during the negotiations.
The former officer, Abd Al Falah Mohammed, represented one of the Baath Party’s sections. In this case, he represented the Al Douri section of the party. Mohammed is from Ramadi. After he completed his mission in the Green Zone, his group released the hostage. According to special sources, the main goal of these negotiations was related to AL Douri’s section or group wanting to control Anbar instead of the Anbar Salvation Council. This demand came because of recent conflicts between the Salvation Council and tribal leaders because several tribal leaders claimed they were the leaders of the Council.

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