Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Vice Presidents Tariq Al Hashimi and Adil Abd Al Mahdi meet

(Al Mada Newspaper) - 14 MAY - Yesterday, Vice Presidents Tariq Al Hashimi and Adil Abd Al Mahdi met; also attending this meeting was Iraq’s Ambassador to Russia; during their meeting the men discussed: Iraq’s foreign affairs, the current political situation, and the continuing efforts to remove “obstacles” between the (various Iraqi) political “blocs” in order to foster a better political environment.
The President (Talabani’s) Media Office released the following statement:
· Iraq’s two Vice Presidents discussed: DeBaathification, and (they resolved their differences regarding) a number of disagreements.
· Yesterday afternoon, Al Hashimi met with Sayid Amr Al Hakim, the Secretary General of the Al Muharab Martyr’s Organization. They discussed the results of SCIRI’s (a powerful Shiite group’s) ninth annual conference.
· Vice President (Al Hashimi) believes that SCIRI provides the true reflection of Iraq’s current political situation; and, he confirmed the need to unify (bring together) all of Iraq’s “patriotic” (national unity) efforts… in order to solve Iraq’s crises.

· Al Hashimi also met with a Fadhila Party (another Shiite party, which sometimes differs with SCIRI and the Shiite Alliance List) delegation led by Dr. Hassan Al Shimari. They discussed the recent activities in Basrah (demonstrations, clashes, calls to remove the Governor) …and legal ways to resolve these issues. They also discussed a number of political and economic issues.

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