Thursday, August 16, 2007


Accord Front: Anbar Salvation Council’s Ministers (Nominees) Will NOT Represent Us

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(Badr Newspaper) - 15 AUG - Accord Front spokesman, Salim Abid Al Jabouri stated, “The Anbar Salvation Council’s nominees who are intended to replace Accord Front’s Ministers (who withdrew from Al Maliki’s Administration) do not represent the sect (all Sunnis), they only represent themselves.” On the other hand, Iraq’s Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi has made the following demand: all of the political blocs must attend the upcoming “meeting of top-level political leaders”. Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki has called for all of Iraq’s political leaders to participate in this meeting.
Ali Al Barrak, a spokesman for the Vice President’s (Al Hashimi’s) office, said: Al Hashimi has accepted the invitation to attend this conference of top-level political leadership, however, he made the following condition: all of Iraq’s political leaders must take part in this meeting! On another hand, Ayad Al Samaraie, the Accord Front’s Chief (in Iraq’s Parliament) emphasized the necessity of the government’s fulfilling the Constitution. He continued: Iraq is witnessing a political crisis; because, the leaders have abandoned the political programs. They abandoned the goals which all the sides participating in the political process had agreed on. Al Samaraie told the press, “Abandonment of the Constitution is the reason for Iraq’s political crisis.”
Recently, Al Maliki said that this (top-level political leaders) meeting will discuss: the political blocs’ demands, and which of these demands that we can accomplis but, only on the condition that the political blocs accept the need to: approve key legislation in the Parliament, and hold a confirmation vote (concerning the Sadr Movement’s six) Ministers who resigned. It has been a month since he (Al Maliki) submitted a list of replacement Ministers to Parliament.
It is expected that this top-level meeting will include many individuals, such as: the (Iraqi) Republic’s President – Jalal Talabani, plus Iraq’s two Vice Presidents – Adil Abd Al Mahdi and Tariq Al Hashimi, (Prime Minister) Al Maliki, Kurdistan’s Regional President – Massoud Barzani, and other leaders of (Iraq’s) political blocs.

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