Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Al Dulaimi Wants To Learn Ramadi Resident’s Opinions About Returning To The Government

(Azzaman Newspaper) - 7 AUG - Accord Front Chief – Adnan Al Dulaimi has called for Anbar’s residents to submit their “conditions and suggestions” for returning to the government. Yesterday, Al Dulaimi visited Ramadi City and met with a number of citizens, in order to learn their opinions about the Accord Front’s decision to withdraw from the government.
During this meeting, Al Dulaimi said, “The Accord Front calls for you to submit: your suggestions regarding the subject of (the Front’s) returning to the government and your ‘conditions’ which you want the Front to attach to this return. The Prime Minister is working to remove the Accord Front (isolate the front, or remove it from Iraq’s political process). This is what led to the Accord Front’s decision to withdraw from the government. The Front refuses to return to the government, unless we receive our full rights which they (the Al Maliki government) should guarantee.”
This is the first time Al Dulaimi has visited Ramadi since he accepted the position as Chief of the Accord Front. This visit came about due to the Accord Front’s desire to ‘return its people to the Front’ (bring its ‘base’ supporters back into the Accord Front). Ramadi citizens said, “Accord Front has lost many supporters due to the Front joining the political process which resulted in: poor levels of security and public services, increased sectarian problems, and increased displacements.”
During this visit, Al Dulaimi met with: Anbar’s Governor Mahmoun Rashid, (Anbar’s) Police Chief, District Council Members, Tribal Sheikhs, and Anbar Salvation Council Members who are supporting the security forces in the fight against Al Qaeda members in the city (Ramadi). Al Dulaimi visited the cities of Fallujah and Khalidya. He met with a number of former Iraqi Army (Saddam’s Regime) officers. Their meeting included discussions regarding the DeBaathification Law and, how this government has abused/misused this law in order to isolate (Sunni) groups.

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