Thursday, August 16, 2007


Dulaim Tribal Sheikhs And Anbar Salvation Council Submit Nominees To Replace Accord Front’s Ministers

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(Badr Newspaper) - 15 AUG - Prime Minister, Nuri Al Maliki, met with the Dulaim Tribal Chiefs and some members of the Anbar Salvation Council. The Dulaim Tribe has submitted a list of nominees to replace the Accord Front’s Ministers (who have withdrawn from Al Maliki’s Cabinet). The list consists of ten names; most of them are from the Anbar Salvation Council.
Sheikh Ali Al Hatim, a Dulaim Tribal Chief, during a press conference, said, “During our meeting with the Prime Minister we discussed this list of nominees who were selected by us in order to replace the Accord Front’s Ministers.” He clarified: in reality, the Accord Front has failed to achieve any success; therefore, the Accord Front does not have the right to lead the people. The Accord Front has come to an impasse in the government.
Sheikh Al Hatim also mentioned: this list of nominees, whom we presented as (possible) replacements for the Accord’s Ministers, is based on the successful accomplishments which have occurred in Anbar Province where the government’s security forces and US forces had been unable to accomplish anything. Al Hatim said, “Our meeting with Al Maliki was positive. He (Al Maliki) was responsive to our demands.” However, Al Hatim added: Al Maliki wants to give the Accord Front another chance to reconsider its demands and maybe they will return to the government.
Regarding the subject of Anbar Salvation Council member – Hamid Al Hayis who wants to become the minister of one of Iraq’s “security ministries”, Al Hatim said, “Al Hayis can not nominate himself to fill any position. Subjects such as these should first be studied by the Anbar Salvation Council members before they are approved. Therefore, the reports about this subject are incorrect.”
Karim Al Bukhati, the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Tribal Affairs, emphasized that he has no knowledge about the meeting of Al Maliki and Sheikh Al Hatim. It’s clear that this meeting was intended to be secret; (therefore) I have no knowledge about Al Maliki’s meeting with Sheikh Al Hatim. Al Bukhati continued: often important political developments are not preceded by announcements. He specified that Al Hatim had come in order to submit the Anbar Salvation Council’s list of nominees to replace the Accord Front’s Ministers.

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