Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Gunmen arrested for murder of Governor of Muthanna

(Voices of Iraq) - A number of those who allegedly killed the Governor of Muthanna province Muhammad Ali al-Hassani were arrested on Tuesday, the chief of the Muthanna police department said. "Security forces managed to arrest some of the armed group that gunned down the governor of Muthanna on Monday," Brigadier Kadhem al-Jayashi said, noting that the forces still hunting down the rest of the perpetrators.
The policeman refused to unveil the number of the arrested gunmen or their names, asserting that the "details would be announced in the next two days." A police source told VOI earlier that security forces arrested one of those who allegedly took part in the assassination of the governor near to the scene. "The man confessed of perpetrating the attack with other gunmen," the source also said.
Muthanna Governor Muhammad al-Hassani was killed when an explosive device went off near his motorcade while exiting the city of al-Rumeitha on Monday morning. Hassani, who occupied the post of Muthanna governor after the fall of the former regime in 2003, was a member in Badr Organization, once the military wing of Shiite leader Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim's Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC).
The assassination comes 10 days after another targeted the Diwaniyah governor, Khalil Jalil Hamza, who was also an SIIC member, in a similar explosive device attack on his motorcade that killed him instantly. Samawa, the capital of Muthanna province, lies 280 km south of Baghdad.

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