Thursday, August 16, 2007


Iran - Iraq trade on the rise

(Press TV) - 97 percent of the $2 billion worth of bilateral trade with Iraq consists of Iranian exports to that country, Iran's envoy to Baghdad says. Iran has a significant potential to participate in Iraq's reconstruction, the Iranian ambassador, Hassan Kazemi Qomi said, adding that presently the contracts to build Baghdad's 300 Megawatt power plant and 2 pipelines to transfer 350 thousand barrels of crude oil per day from Basra to Abadan are also underway.
The 400 Megawatt electricity power transmission line from Abadan to Al-Hares is among the most important projects being implemented by Iran, Kazemi Qomi said. Iran's ambassador to Iraq noted that Iran's Pars Wagon Company has adequate capabilities to have a positive role in development of Iraq's rail network.
Signing 65 other technical cooperation documents for the expansion of Iraq's railroad is among the future cooperation in this field. The Iranian envoy referred to these projects as a clear sign of Iran's willingness to contribute to Iraq's reconstruction, mentioning that Iranian pilgrims visit to Iraq by train is another important issue.

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