Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Iraqi List Suggests Political Commission To Run The Country

(Azzaman Newspaper) - 13 AUG - The Iraqi National List has suggested forming a political commission that will include all the parties in the government in order to run the country. They pointed out that this commission will not take the place of the leaders. The list has denied reports about its withdrawal from the political process or of it trying to destabilize the Al Maliki government.
Iraqi List Parliament member, Izzat Al Shabandar, announced yesterday that there is now a project to form a political commission from the main political entities. This commission will look like a front, but this front will not take the place of the leader. It will just say to him, do not be autocratic with political decisions which are connected with the present and the future of the country. Al Shabandar also said that the Al Maliki government can not continue under these circumstances.
He added, “Al Maliki will not continue with this government; it is impossible and we do not care who takes his place as long as the next leader is chosen is a nationalist and is away from sectarianism and religion. The Communist Party, which is part of the Iraqi List, announced that it has created a project to save the country from the recent crisis. The Communist Party Central Committee Secretary and a Parliament member, Hamid Majid Moussa, confirmed that negotiations between his party and other political powers are continuing to solve the crisis.
Iraqi List leader, Ayad Allawi, has told his list’s ministers to continue with their duties, but do not attend the cabinet meetings as a first step before their withdrawal. The Sadr Movement confirmed that their movement is still in the political process. The Movement also confirmed that Ahmed Al Sharifi does not represent the Movement or the political council. Ahmed Al Massoudi (Sadr Movement) has denied what Al Sharifi announced during his press conference Saturday, that there will be changes in the Sadr Movement.

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