Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Kidnappers use doves to collect ransoms

(Al Bayyna Newspaper) - 13 AUG - The kidnappers of hostages in Iraq are using doves to collect the ransoms in order to avoid the Iraqi security forces. British sources have announced that IPs watched many repeated incident in which the kidnappers placed the doves near the hostages’ families’ houses carrying instructions demanding that they should tie the ransom to the dove’s legs. The dove will then transfer the ransom to the gang’s hideout.
A hostage’s family tied $10,000 to the legs of five doves when they found the doves in a cage near their house. Dr. Ziad Al Fatlawi said that this is the method used for the return of his son after he was kidnapped by a gang. The “newspaper” reported that Lieutenant Sa’ad Al Jilawi, from the MOI said, “The kidnapping gangs started using doves because the IPs have arrested many of them while they were collecting the ransom. These gangs realize that we have new devices that we use to track the doves to their hideouts.”

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