Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tribal chiefs assassinated

Security, Tribal
(Al-Sharqiyah) - Unidentified gunmen killed a chieftain from the Al-Jubur tribe in Kirkuk on August 13, Al-Sharqiyah television reported. Sheikh Muhsin Abdallah Hasan al-Sabil al-Juburi was killed in the attack, while his daughter and brother were injured. Al-Juburi was reportedly killed because of his close ties to the U.S. military.
Meanwhile, a chieftain from the Al-Dulaym tribe was killed outside his home in Al-Fallujah on August 13. Security sources told Al-Sharqiyah that Sheikh Fawwaz Saddah Sarih, chieftain of the Albu Khalifah tribe, was attacked and killed by masked gunmen. Tribal leaders from the Al-Ghazalat tribe in Al-Najaf announced that they have formed an armed force to fight Al-Qaeda in the Al-Nukhayb district of Al-Najaf, after four tribesmen were abducted there in recent days, "Al-Zaman" reported on August 13.

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