Thursday, September 13, 2007


Abu Risha: National Reconciliation Will Begin In Anbar…Central Iraqi Tribal Sheikhs Meet With Anbar Tribal Sheikhs

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(Al Mowaten Newspaper) - 13 SEP - Yesterday, a delegation of central Iraqi tribal sheikhs visited Anbar’s tribal sheikhs and met with members of the Anbar Salvation Council. Sheikh Hamid Al Hayis, the Anbar Salvation Council Chief said, “The central Iraq tribal sheikhs and Anbar tribal sheikhs have agreed on being united, fighting terrorists, staying away from sectarianism and security cooperation between the tribes of Anbar, Samawa, Karbala, Hilla and other southern provinces.”
He added, “At the end of the meeting everyone prayed together and swore to be unified and to fight terrorists.” In related news, Sheikh Abu Sattar Abu Risha has confirmed that the tribes of southern, central Iraq, and Sadr City visited Ramadi and that this step is the right step to save the country from its problems. Sheikh Basim Al Hajawi delivered a speech on behalf of the Sadr City tribes and expressed his appreciation of the heroic role of the Anbar Awakening Council. Sheikh Basim has demanded that Iraq’s tribes imitate the Anbar Awakening Council and oust everyone that is trying to damage Iraq. Sheikh Thamir Al Dulaimi, the “Anbar Scientist Commission” chief said, “We should pursue and oust terrorists from Iraq.”

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