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Al Rubaie: “Dangerous Decisions” Could Be Made During Meeting With Sadr Movement In Najaf

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(Azzaman Newspaper) - 6 SEP - The Chief of the Sadr Bloc in Iraq’s Parliament – Nassar Al Rubaie has confirmed that “dangerous decisions” could be made during the upcoming meeting, in Najaf, between: Sadr Movement Parliament Members and Sadr Movement political office (headquarters) meetings. This meeting’s purpose is regarding the events in Karbala.
Meanwhile, the (Iraqi) Council of Ministers has released 46 detainees (people initially rounded up as suspects of involvement in Karbala’s clashes) who have been determined to have been detained under “insufficient grounds”. Yesterday, the Council of Ministers issued the following statement, “The investigative committee, which was established in accordance with PM Nuri Al Maliki’s instructions, has released 46 detainees. This committee will continue to execute its’ duties in checking the files (circumstances) of other detainees.”
The Sadr Movement has given the (Iraqi) government a deadline which expired yesterday about releasing the (Sadr Movement/Mahdi Army) detainees. If their prisoners were not released, the Sadr Movement has threatened the government with “disobedience” and “surprising reactions”.
On the other hand, Sadr Movement leaders have presented the “Karbala investigation committee” with evidence which proves that the Sadr Movement is innocent about starting the clashes which occurred in Karbala. A Sadr Movement leader confirmed, “CDs [video downloads?] that have been presented to the Committee show that ‘another group’ started these clashes…not the Sadr group.” According to this leader, the Committee has been convinced by this evidence; therefore, they have begun releasing the Sadr Movement members who had been arrested.
Meanwhile, Sadr Movement Parliament Members and the Sadr Movement Headquarters Office in Najaf will soon hold a meeting in order to reach an important decision about: what actions to take regarding the events in Karbala.
The Chief of the Sadr Bloc in Parliament – Nassar Al Rubaie said, “This is the first time that such a meeting will be held in order to (decide) how to deal with the current situation; and, determine a ‘final Sadr Movement stance’ regarding this situation.” He added: this meeting will focus on the events in Karbala and the ensuing “tremendous pressures which have been applied against” the Sadr Movement.
Iraq’s Voices News Agency reported that Al Rubaie stated, “There are dangerous ‘human rights violations’ which have been committed against the (Sadr Movement) detainees by militias in Karbala! The Sadr Movement members who have been detained since the events in Karbala last week have been tortured, and some have been killed!” Karbala Governorate Council Member – Hamid Khanoush, who is a senior leader in Karbala’s Sadr Movement, was arrested by the “3rd Brigade” and was tortured. Al Rubaie has called for the Iraqi Minister of Human Rights – (Ms.) Wijdan Mikhail (Salim) to: visit the prisons, and report on the “human rights violations” which are occurring.

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