Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Iraqi List: Signs Of An Agreement Soon Between Allawi And The Sadr Movement

(Azzaman Newspaper) - 4 SEP - Iraqi List Parliament member, Hussam Al Azzawi said that Iraqi List leader, Ayad Allawi is continuing his negotiations with important blocs and Parliament members. Al Azawi added that these negotiations are with the Accord Front, the Iraqi National Dialogue Front, The Fadhila Party and the Sadr Movement.
Al Azzawi pointed out that there are some agreements with the Sadr Movement, but recent problems between the Sadr Movement and the government as well as with the American forces are making these conversations difficult. He also said the Iraqi List has been in contact with prominent people in the Shiite Alliance and many of them have shown cooperation and support for the national project of the Iraqi List.
About the Iraqi List’s leaders visit to Kurdistan, Al Azzawi said it was a successful visit with positive negotiations that will solve the political crisis in the country. Al Azzawi added, “The Iraqi List’s project to solve the current crisis, which Allawi has introduced to the Kurdish parties, was welcomed by these parties.” He said, “The two Kurdish Parties are an important side in the political domain and they are a number you cannot ignore, and in the end, they are close to the patriotic liberal national project.
On Saturday, Allawi ended his visit to Sulaymaniya where he met with President Jalal Talabani and other Kurdish officials. About the Iraqi List’s vision to solve the crisis Al Azzawi said, “The solution is in the patriotic conversations between the political blocs and to participate in decisions, and not to put aside others.”
He added, “The Iraqi List is not an enemy of the Prime Minister, Nuri Al Maliki. We have some notes on the nature and performance of the government which have led the country into more fighting and disputes.” About their withdrawal from the government, Al Azzawi said, “Our position is unwavering on our withdrawal because there are many reasons and disagreements.” Al Azzawi believes that the crisis will not end because the government is continuing in its ignoring of other’s opinions. The Iraqi List has suspended its ministers, but they have given them time to run their ministries.

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