Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Islamic Conference Organization Will Open Its Office In Baghdad

(Al Mada Newspaper) - 10 SEP - The Political Affairs Advisor from the Islamic Conference Organization, Kamal Dhaifallah Al Momani, announced that the organization intends to open an office in Baghdad. Yesterday, during the Second Baghdad Conference for Neighboring Countries, Al Momani told Al Mada Newspaper that there are negotiations with the Iraqi government to open a permanent office in Baghdad.
Al Momani added that this office will continue its discussions with the government, religious and political sides in Iraq for the benefit of Iraq. Also, the organization will attend all of Iraq’s neighboring countries conferences. Al Momani announced that the Islamic Conference Organization is believed by all Iraqis to be a neutral organization that is looking after Iraq’s benefit, unity and patriotism. Al Momani also said the organization intends to activate the Mecca Document with the assistance of Iraqi religious clerics from all sects.

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