Sunday, May 27, 2007


Al-Hashimi met with Allawi about forming a new party

(Al Mashriq Newspaper AR.) - 28 MAY - Accord Front spokesman, Salim Al Jabouri, confirmed that there will soon be a new national front. He also confirmed that a few days ago VP Tariq Al Hashimi met with former PM, Ayad Allawi, the chief of the Iraqi List. They discussed creating a new front. Al Jabouri said to an Emirate newspaper that there are continuing communications with influential groups and parties, such as Fadhila Party, National Dialogue Front, and the Kurdish Coalition.
He added that there have been meetings with these groups and parties as well. He denied that these meetings area targeted at having a coup against the current government, rather, he described it as a democratic political activity targeted to create a new national front to represent the majority of Iraqis and be away from sectarianism. This new front will have patriotic programs and will serve all Iraqis. Finally, Al Hashimi stated in Amman yesterday that he has three choices: to dialog with the current government; withdraw from the current government; or create a new front.

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