Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Allawi Guarantees Arab And Regional Support For Coup Against Al Maliki

(Al Mada Newspaper) - 22 MAY - During a meeting of the Iraqi List in Jordan between the 17th and 19th of May, which was headed by Ayad Allawi and that was attended by Adnan Al Pachachi, Mahdi Al Hafidh, Ayad Jamal Al Din, Falah Al Naqib, Maysoun Al Damlouji, and others, Allawi demanded that his list’s members make the decision to withdraw from Al Maliki’s government promising them that there will be large regional support in many sectors.
Allawi adopted this position because of the political crisis in Iraq as well as because of the dominating political entity’s continuing of its sectarian agenda and its insistence to marginalize other entities from participating in the political process. Participants said that the meeting was devoted to discussing the political situation in Iraq which needs extraordinary steps. Sources said that Allawi confirmed that his political activities are supported by some Arab and regional countries, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, and Syria.
The meeting also discussed the formation of a new political front to face the Iraqi situation and the inclusion of the National Dialogue Front in this new front as well as the inclusion of Khalaf Al Aliyan’s political entity. Information also states that there is an understanding with some members from Fadhila Party, the Sadr Movement, the Islamic Party, as well as some Kurds, “such as Arshad Zebari, who is well known as being one of Saddam’s mules.”
The meeting was also attended by the former Deputy PM, Abid Mutlak Al Jabouri. Leaders from the Iraqi List said that the meeting and side discussions were focused on mobilizing efforts to be utilized to dissolve the current political coalitions. Political sources in Amman expressed Allawi’s lack of confidence in the seriousness of the Islamic Party to take important steps toward this new political front. They also mentioned that Allawi is unsure of the Sadr Movement’s intentions regarding this new front.
These points were confirmed by Dr. Ali Al Adib, a Shiite Alliance member, when he said that the discussions between Allawi and the Sadr Movement were unsuccessful. These sources also said that there were two points of view during the Amman meeting. The first was Allawi’s point of view that was focusing on withdrawing from Al Maliki’s government in the next week. The second view of Al Pachachi was that the withdrawal from the government must be parallel with the announcement of the new political front.
Some participants, who have good relations with some Arab countries, believe that for support to continue from the Gulf countries, they must withdraw and announce the new front. The same participants confirmed that there is security and political coordination among these countries to develop assistance for Allawi’s plan.
Some observers say that the Iraqi List’s leadership is searching for any position in the government regardless of the higher national interest for Iraq.
Other observers, who are outside the government, believe that what is developing is intended to destroy the current political infrastructure in Iraq which confirms that if the current government wants to face this coup, it must take certain steps regarding the economic, political and security situations. The current government must also minimize sectarianism. These observers add that the government should also look toward open and secret dialogue with those in and outside of Iraq.
Some Iraq List members said that this political development is related to Cheney’s failure in convincing the Arab countries to support the political process in Iraq. Regarding Fadhila Party, some sources are saying that there has been a dialogue between it and Alllawi’s list. Meanwhile, Al Adib said that Fadhila Party is reconsidering its position regarding the Shiite Alliance and it will likely return to the Alliance in the next few days.

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