Sunday, May 27, 2007


Khadra Bridge Blown Up; Curfew In Fallujah To Search For Car Bombs

(Al Mada Newspaper AR.) - 26 MAY - Security sources said, “On Friday, an IED explosion targeted the Khadra Bridge in Baghdad. The explosion led to the destruction of a huge part of the bridge.” The sources added, “This Bridge connects the highway to the Khadra and Jamiaa areas. Unidentified people planted IEDs under the bridge. When the IEDs exploded, it blew up part of the bridge. The affected part of the bridge is four meters. The explosions did not kill or wound anyone.”
In other news, a Fallujah Police source stated, “A car bomb exploded near an IP checkpoint in the Hay Al Shurta area of Fallujah during the Friday Prayer. The source added, “The car bomb explosion killed two people and wounded nine. All of them lived in the houses near Al Abd School which the IPs made as a camp.” The source also said, “The explosion destroyed three houses and a number of stores.”
In related news, a source close to Fallujah’s Mayor said, “Fallujah authorities started a curfew in Fallujah. The curfew will continue indefinitely. The purpose of the curfew is to look for car bombs in the Fallujah area.” He added, “Many 4X4 trucks which belong to the Anbar Salvation Council went to Fallujah to support the IPs and Iraqi Army.”
In related news, yesterday, an IED explosion targeted a convoy of a foreign security company in the Kizayza area, north of Basrah. Eyewitnesses said, “The explosion destroyed one truck and killed everyone in it.” After the explosion, clashes occurred between vehicles in the convoy and unidentified gunmen.

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